Saturday, September 30, 2017

Woman with Black Purse 2017

It was a horrible day starting with a restless, sleep interrupted night as the pressure tank that connects to our well kept cycling off and on, off and on, keeping me awake, worrying. At 3:45am I got up, unplugged the pressure tank, then, finally, managed to get a few hours of sleep.  The next morning I woke up, groggy and irritable.  After my husband called the well people, we had an idea of what might be wrong and called our plumber, who never called back.  Next, to the studio, where I was denied entry because the lock to the door, after a few days of hard rain, had frozen.  Went in through another door, turned on my computer with my brand new monitor attached and got nothing from the new monitor(it's a dual monitor system).  I caller Acer and they determined that it was my computer and not the monitor that was the problem, so I piled all in the car(two monitors and my Dell desk top) and headed for PC Experts where Vu, the owner, met me at the door of his completely torn apart store.  Boxes and boxes of old hard drives, cables, dead computers, monitor screens, and desk top carcasses littered the floor.  Vu was moving.  The rent was too high.  Amidst the mess and confusion(his workers in the background talking and smoking, "Can't get this f****ing thing up!)", Vu looked at my problem, and after an hour of digging around through all of his things determined that what I really needed was a new computer. I loaded everything back in the car and headed home, the beginnings of a hard driving headache starting up as rush hour traffic swirled around me.It was clear what I need to do: swing by my local thrift store(Savers)and shop.  An hour later, with a new(used)pair of plaid leggings,and a new(used) teal green down vest, I was okay, back on the planet.  Headache gone. Life would be okay.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Woman Falling(and Laughing)2017

A student of mine brought a number of old photographs into class a few years ago to share with all of us. I snagged this wonderful snapshot of a 50's era woman who was posing with another couple. She had on a pearl necklace and pearl earrings, and a lovely, form fitting striped dress. I loved the image, and although I never knew this woman, I wish I had.  And while 2017 has been a rough year so far(multiple illnesses, aging parents with numerous problems--and knowing that we will be there soon--missing our eldest daughter's wedding, the death of a beloved dog)for some unknown reason, I've felt surprisingly good, almost buoyant at times. This unknown woman, in her swirly dress, perfectly captures my mood--falling, but still, joyfully, upright!