Monday, January 20, 2014

Girl with Crows 2014

I'm here at Anderson Ranch Snowmass Colorado teaching a three week immersive.  I thought I would use this collage as a didactic teaching tool for my students since I had spent the better part of the morning trying to find the perfect legs for the girl. Nothing would quite work, but I did finally find the right pair of legs, interestingly, one of the firsts pairs I had down but then I flipped them so the top was the bottom. I cleaned up my table  and organized the pairs of legs to show my students how many legs it took to find the right pair. I wanted them to see how difficult it can be to find the perfect elements to make the image really work. Of course, being obsessive helps.


  1. I agree. I can spend hours trying to find just the right piece for my work. I love seeing all the little legs lined up!

  2. It's nice seeing all the pieces that went into it. along with some that didn't. I really like her dress, and the tree and the crows....oh everything. It's a lovely collage.


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