Sunday, April 10, 2016

Angry Mother 2016

I'm  a child of the 50's, as is my husband, and we are both products of Angry Mothers.  To this day, my husband gets nervous when someone starts vacuuming, PTSD from having his mother yank the Hoover around as she furiously cleaned house.  My Angry Mother memories are of slamming drawers and smoldering silences, her anger flaring up when I would become sad or angry myself.  50's mothers weren't supposed to show anger or be angry or even have negative thoughts.  But of course they did, and because they had to appear to be fine, all went inward and then projected back out when least expected--fires that, once they received  oxygen, couldn't stop burning.


  1. What a great description of the concept behind this work, Holly! This piece is so visually dynamic, and it becomes even more compelling, to know the story behind it.

    I really love your recent works, and I'm excited to show them in Dallas and at the gallery in June!!!



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