Sunday, June 11, 2017

Man Being Touched 1988

On Monday of this week, my husband's right leg began to swell.  He had been experiencing pain in his buttock, but could tease it away by stretching.  However, this new development concerned us. On Tuesday, he had an ultra sound taken of his leg, knowing that it might be a DVT(deep vein thrombosis), but it showed nothing of concern.  We sighed a collective sigh of relief:  our daughter's wedding was to be held in a few days in Mexico and we were relieved that we would be able to go.  The next day his leg was more swollen, and quite painful.  This time he had an ultra sound done, which showed that he had an enormous blood clot that went down his chest and into his right leg.  Weak with anxiety and fear, he had himself admitted to one of the big the ERs here in town where he was pretty much ignored,  then checked himself out AMA(against medical advice)and was readmitted our Heart Hospital, where a surgeon was waiting with a team to do a thrombectomy(1). Two days and three procedures later he was released from the hospital to begin a new life with daily blood thinners and the knowledge that his body was not the strong, capable vessel he always thought of it as being.We were able to watch the wedding on FaceTime sitting at our kitchen counter in front of my Ipad.  Not what we had imagined, but good enough.

(1)  the emergency surgical removal of emboli which are blocking blood circulation. It usually involves removal of thrombi (blood clots)


  1. A close call, for sure!
    Glad he is doing better and on the mend. Just think if he had gone down to Mexico and then that happened. Truly a blessing that it happened on home turf and thank goodness for Face time. Take care.

  2. Oh my. So sorry about the missed wedding and all the anxiety and pain. Your painting reflects it wonderfully. Sending healing vibes and love to you and your husband. Blessings

  3. Wow. That is all too frightening. I am glad he is out now and out of the woods. It is hard when we realize our bodies are not what they used to be in spite of all the exercise and healthy living. I wish you both a continued healthy life and lots of art making to go with it. Sorry you guys missed being at the wedding but at least there is Facetime.

  4. I'm glad your husband is ok and that it was medically attended to quickly.


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