Sunday, December 23, 2012

Woman with Wolf Dress 2011

Self Portrait:  a portrait of oneself done by oneself

Today, the day after my 61st birthday, I wanted to use an image that would best describe me as I am now.  This image, done over a year ago, combines many things:  a self portrait after applying facial cream taken when I was in my late twenties; the side profile of one of my daughter's high school boyfriends; and the fur and paw from a dead coyote that my daughter Teal photographed.  The images were printed on ink jet transparencies which allowed the surface under the photo to come through.  In this case, the painting was a crackled surface using two different colors as the crackle contrast--subtle but effective in dividing the little painting in half. The cooler side contains the young man's face looking down, eyes almost closed.

The painting is about aging--drying up, cracking, and finally blowing away, fine dust in the harsh spring winds. 


  1. As I prepare for my 60th, this hits home. Walking around in a trashed portion of the Bosque today it really hit me how we rise up out of this amazing planet and then return to it all too soon... Thanks

  2. You summed it up wonderfully, Holly. Our culture revers the beauty of youth, and overlooks the significance of maturity. Not to mention our inability to accept death and the value it offers in living.

  3. Awesome use of transparencies ---

    1. your work always tells a good and true story

  4. I wish you a Happy New Year!! greetings from Poland :}