Friday, December 14, 2012

Man with Child Inside 1994

On Wednesday, my father died.  He was 86 and had recently suffered a fall, cracking three ribs in the process.  He was ill for about six weeks, and finally, I think, had enough and asked to be taken off  life support.  He died within about 24 hours of his request. 

Man with Child Inside was based on a multiple photographic panel of my husband and our daughter Ramey when she was still quite young.  In this image, the father figure nests the child inside himself.  The child is calm and peaceful.  Content, she knows she is cherished.


  1. An interesting painting ... I have looked a few times at and every time I I couldn´t decide if the man is a front view or a back one ☺. It´s so heart touching. I love your work.

    Have a beautiful day,

  2. Holly, I'm so sorry to read that your father died. He was ready, but still, it's the end of so much.
    The work is about a universe of fathers and daughters, isn't it. xo Karen

  3. Holly I am sorry about your dad passing. I know how heart wrenching it must have been for you and your family. I love the painting as it gives the sense that only a father can give a child, safety and calmness. I love the way the child is almost womb like inside the man....crossing the gender barrier with pure emotion. I think that this feeling; above all else moves me the most in this piece. I find comfort in the thought that emotion transcends everything else, we are our purest self when we let go of all the things that hinder us. Wonderful painting as usual! :)

  4. Very sorry for your dad, i have been in the situation its really tough. (I didn't want to say this coz its probably been 2 years and i am sorry to remind you about this but also it would seem rude not to say it.)

    @ Cathy Hegman . I liked the painting, but i liked it even more after reading your comment. Its true the more perspectives you add the more deep the art gets. you really made me feel this one :-)


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