Thursday, May 10, 2012

Small Wolf with Forest 1993

This Final Friday, April 27th, Wonder Fair presents the debut solo exhibition of Teal Wilson, a promising Kansas City Art Institute senior and extrovert born into a family of introverts. Into the peaceful world of her parents, “my arrival to the family was like a tsunami,” Wilson writes. “I was rage rocket, hot pocket, bomb drop it.” But above all, Wilson is grateful; A Year of the Horse: Born Into a Family of Rabbits is a nostalgic tribute to the family that raised their misfit daughter with patience, acceptance, and bemused looks on their faces.

Wilson’s work ranges from pure graphite to mixed media works on paper, with colorful embroidery tattoos laid over and into precise pencil drawings. The humans and creatures inhabiting her images are at once terminally awkward and effortlessly comfortable with one another (imagine your summer family reunion, equal parts kinship and forced politeness). In attendance are family dogs, half-remembered houses, and fixed smiles that seem to have been lifted directly from the family photo album. Altogether, Wilson’s exhibition is a fond remembrance of an auspicious occasion, when a year of the horse was born into a family of rabbits.

Teal Wilson, Horse Hat, 2011

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