Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Three Birds Resting 2012

My mother loves birds. At 83, she lives alone with her Aussie mix, Abbey, in a small house 18 miles south of Santa Fe. Her backyard is filled with bird feeders and watering stations. She sits at her dining room table for long stretches of time and through her large plate glass windows watches the hundreds of birds as they arrive to eat and drink, bathe and socialize. At times, even though she has hung shiny, swirly things to detract them, one will fly into one of those windows and die. I've asked her to save those birds for me so I can photograph them. In the past, she has always placed them in small plastic bags and put them in her freezer for me to collect on my trips to Santa Fe.

Over the last several years, her memory and judgment have started to decline. The last bird she saved for me she forgot to put in the freezer, and kept in the garage instead. Fortunately, it was winter, so although the garage didn't freeze, it stayed cool. None the less, by the time I picked it up it was starting to decay. All three of the birds that are "resting" in this image are from my mother, including the one she forgot to freeze. As her memory continues to decline, I imagine these will be the last birds she will have been able to save for me.


  1. Amazing and truly moving, Holly--a new favorite among your newer work. Rob

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  3. I just discovered your blog and your art WOW! I love what you do. A few years ago I started dabbling in art a bit myself, and I love coming across people whose art moves me. Yours does.

  4. My mother in law rests beside her bedroom window watching the hours pass as her failing body awaits death's arrival. From time to time the window light dances across her with beauty and grace. She resists being photographed, not wanting to be remembered this way. With luck my camera will capture the image a final
    moment before her spirit takes flight and body is hidden from us forevermore. Christopher


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