Sunday, February 17, 2013

Humpty Dumpty Adieu 2009/2013

 Humpty Dumpty 2009
Painted Over 2013

I did Humpty Dumpty in 2009.  It captured perfectly the Humpty Dumpty in all of us(note: my face on Humpty):  precarious, proud, confused as he starts to topple.  I especially loved the bilious background, a color combination that speaks of sea sickness and being out of balance, but quite beautiful.   Alas, Humpty sat in my storage for four years and last week I pulled him out and covered him up. The only evidence of Humpty is the shape of the figure under the green-you can faintly see his head and his raised arm, the rest is  swallowed by the paint. Humpty will become the ground for a new piece, which is of course, is yet to be determined. Because I am so enamoured of the new painting, it may cause trouble when I go to form the image, and it may also have to be sacrificed(painted over) to appease the greedy art gods.

*For those of you who consider yourselves to be true and die hard Holly Roberts fans, I am posting a link to a short(well, not really short,it's 30 minutes)video produced by Catherine Edelman of me talking about my work in my most recent show with her.


  1. Holly,

    Thank you for your video. It was, for me, a feeling of comraderie. Throughout I thought, "That is how I think." "I have those happy accidents, too." Thanks for explaining your work. Since I discovered your blog I keep returning weekly. :-)

  2. Love your work - really great interview too.

  3. I've had a wonderful, inspiring morning today with you in my house for half an hour!! I LOVED watching you and hearing you and seeing your work.
    It was like being with you in a workshop again. Thanks for the great video!


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