Friday, March 1, 2013

Freeway 2006

Things happen. Bob, my husband, during a ski trip in California, woke up one night in his hotel room after a long day skiing and a few glasses of wine.  He got out of bed thinking he was at home, and, a little dizzy, put his arm out to brace himself against the wall next to the bed.  No wall.  He fell sideways, his shoulder taking the full force of the fall, stopped by the sharp edges of a low wooden bench .  A massive bruise lingered on his shoulder  for weeks, changing from dark blue to yellow. Had it been his head that hit the bench, I might be wheeling him around in a wheel chair today, or worse.

Several years ago, Bob's mother experienced a severe headache.  She took some aspirin and went to lay down*.  The headache became so painful that she finally she went to the emergency room at the hospital.  Diagnosed with an aneurysm, she was transported in a helicopter to the University of New Mexico Hospital.  Bob watched the helicopter descending in the early hours of the morning, landing on the roof of the hospital, waiting for his mother, hoping she wouldn't die. She didn't, being one of the fortunate few to survive an aneurysm.

Bob is in the large car, driving, death sitting behind him.  His mother, Gene, is sitting in the backseat of the smaller car, in this case, death is driving.  All the signs are cautioning her that things are amiss, and a rabbit, struck by a passing car, lays dead by their front wheels.  Be careful  Gene.  It's not looking good.  The third vehicle, a large truck, is also driven by death.  Large and foreboding the way all semis are, it continues on it's way, oblivious of everything in it's path.

*In the case of a severe headache, don't take aspirin but rather tylenol since the tylenol won't thin your blood the way the aspirin will and increase the bleeding if it is an aneurysm.

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