Saturday, March 23, 2013

Deer Swimming 1991

According to Celtic myth, Otherworld deities sent a white hind or stag to guide chosen humans into their realm. In Medieval Times, ceremonial magicians wore amulets of deerskin parchments because they believed Deer’s powers resided in the skin.  Paganism/Wicca

The photo that supports this painting is of my husband holding deer antlers meant for a Native American Ceremonial Dance.  It's possible to see, in the neck of the deer, the leather cords that come off the padded bottom of the antlers as well as my husband's arm and wristwatch. I'm not sure how he came across the antlers because, while the photo was taken when we lived on the Zuni Reservation, we never would have been allowed contact with any of their religious artifacts.

One of my earliest memories was of petting a wild deer when I was quite young, perhaps three or four. I was picnicking with my family in the state forest outside of Santa Fe when a wild doe came up to us.  She allowed my brother and I to come up to her, and then, to touch her.  I could just reach her soft, warm belly and  I remember a feeling of joy at being close to her. But then, suddenly, she jumped away and I was caught up by her legs and tossed to the ground. I cried,  frightened, but worst of all, heartbroken by her betrayal.  


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