Sunday, August 31, 2014

Big Head(Worrying) 2014

Of the three Big Heads that I did this past year, "Big Head(Worrying)" is my favorite. It's the one that I most identify with.  The colored dots of perspiration dripping from the head's face and forehead, the background, made of columnar paper; straight, rigid, meant for keeping careful track of numbers and accounts. The eyes and ears are tiny,  fever dream features, and the mouth is from a photo of a young friend who has a congenital disorder that is causing him to lose his teeth. It's a large head, with big worries, not just about numbers, but about the environment, children, the on-going war in the middle east, aging, bad backs, the tea party, mothers with dementia, GMOS.  I could go on and on, but it's probably better if you just add your own worries so that you can relate to "Big Head(Worrying)" as I do.  It's good to be able to share.


  1. I like a lot of your art - most, in fact - but this one is great, partially due to your text. The eyes, ear and mouth really take him from being just another collaged face to something surreal. The tiny eyes and the pink drops are my favorite parts.

  2. This one speaks to me too. Thanks Holly!

  3. Dear Holly
    I have spent the last few days enjoying all your words and photos of your wonderful works of art and what strikes me most is how generous you are in sharing who you are and what you make and how you make it. I am very grateful to you. It has stirred within me the possibilities of being able to express my own self in art. Thank you. Jacqui


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