Sunday, July 9, 2017

Culling: Summer 2017

At a certain point in the last few days, I realized that I had no more room.  My shelves were completely full, my storage units packed and popping, and my table tops full of all the stuff(plus much much more) I need to work with.  I knew I had to cull the herd.  Like Sophie, I knew that the choices I had to make were almost arbitrary:  Who was more likely to sell?  Who had the stronger personality?  Who made my stomach churn the least when I thought about him or her out on the table ready to be gassed(aka gessoed over)? After almost a year of abstinence  I began ripping at my fingernails.  I would select a piece, then put it back, then re-select it.  At last I was ready for my husband, Bob, to help me decide who lived and who died. 
We went back and forth, allowing some pieces back on the shelf, others doomed to the big  Kilz brush waiting outside.  I gathered the rejects up, then lay them outside on the long wooden tables in the 90+ degree heat.  I began going over the surfaces.  Gone, gone and gone, Sophie the dog witnessing.


  1. Yep, I know your pain. I have the same problem. I have been painting over..some with a little sniffle. I wish I could remember who the person was who said, "if you are a painter, sooner or later you will have a space problem."

  2. I love painting over bad work. Nothing gives me more pleasure than a clean slate where I get another chance! Kind of like when I ruin a dish. It goes down the disposal so fast! Out of sight out of mind!

  3. Been thinking about just this. Wondering what should I do? Thanks Holly. You knew. My teacher

  4. Like 'my own room'! Enjoyed this series, also your work. Congrats!


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