Sunday, April 1, 2018

Penland Spring Concentration 3rd week

The rules for working on my own images during my two months at Penland School of Crafts are this:  
1.  I can only use materials that I find(or buy)while at Penland.
2.  I should try and use materials that are completely new and/or foreign to me.
3.  Any photo I use should be taken while at Penland.
4.  I have to stop complaining in my head about the lack of privacy and space available to me.
5.  Students needs come first, except after hours.
6.  I can break any rule I want.

"Round Head" is made from the negative space left over from student Troy Skully's portrait, the white marks are made using a new foam roller from a set bought at Michael's, the mouth is from a piece of dry wall mud mixed with polymer medium with the teeth drawn in ink, the eyes are student Beth Kokol's, and the sweater neck is from a photo of Photography Studio Manager, Betsy Dewitt's cap.  Image not yet adhered, could blow away with the next strong gust of wind that blows in periodically when the door next to my area opens and shuts suddenly.


  1. I so enjoy your work Holly, thank you for sharing.
    To me, it seems your work surfaces from deep in your heart and soul.

  2. Thank you for this post, it captures my feelings about my workspace and process as well. I find it difficult to share studio space that bumps into what someone else leaves in an area where I need to spread out. To make artist's books I usually have several prototypes going at the same time which takes up a lot of space - and I like to make messes without concern about ruining somebody else's stuff.


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