Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thinking About Having Sex 1984

A few years ago, our neighbor Bob and my husband Bob were talking about how much they thought about having sex.  "When I was young, I'd say about every 30 seconds"  friend Bob said.  Husband Bob felt much the same way, "When I was younger, I'd have to say most of my waking thoughts were about sex, even when I didn't quite know what it was."  They both agreed that  they don't think about sex as much now as negotiating the slippery slope of aging takes up so much of their time and energy. Still, sex is on their minds much of the time. As a boy, Husband Bob learned to draw(he has a beautiful hand) by going through his mother's homemaking magazines looking for brassiere adds. He would erase out the the bras and  then carefully, with a pencil, reconstruct the breast, nipple and all.  The last thing he would do, so that his mother wouldn't find out what he was up to, would be to carefully reverse the process, drawing the bra back in so that it looked the way he originally found it.

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