Monday, July 23, 2012

The Seven Deadly Sins: Disappearance

To disappear 1. To pass out of sight; vanish.  2. To cease to exist.

I've always had a terrible time with people that don't make themselves available to me. One of the hardest things for me to endure is when I've called or emailed someone with something important, and then don't get a response.  My stomache churns and clenches as the time goes by and it becomes clear to me that no answer is coming.  A few days ago I dropped by a new neighbor's house to welcome them and to gather information so that I could add them to our neighborhood contact list. I rang the doorbell and waited, then rang it again after I got no response.  I felt awkward and embarrassed, like a Jehovah's witness or a Mormon "Elder".  Dogs barked and scrabbled around inside, and I knew someone was there.  I knocked a last time, and with still no response, I left.  The experience bothered me for the rest of the day, nagging away at that fragile part of my self that doesn't know if I really matter or not.


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  1. Dear Holly - I love this series of the Seven Deadly sins you are doing. The image itself is very powerful but your writing adds so much more. I totally understand this particular 'sin' - I feel in today's busy world, people have even forgotten what it means to disappear from somebody's life.


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