Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trying to Keep Trouble Away 2008

In the fall of 2008, I was teaching a workshop in  Alabama.  As I went around the large room, helping each person in the class, one of my students told me that she was on the phone with her husband, and that the stock market was dropping fast.  I had about 20 students, so it took me awhile to work my way back to her as I made my rounds. Every time I got to her, she told me the market had gone down even further.  Of course, that was the day of the big crash. The weeks that followed were a time of  uncertainty and dread, and, as it turns out, just the cracking of the lid of what was to become a deep and dark Pandora's box full of troubles.

When I look at this painting now, my heart goes out to this woman, with her coarse man's pants and shoes, and her odd jumper made of words.  Shes standing on a chair to make her a little bigger, bravely trying to keep those troubles away.


  1. momma, i love looking at what you have done, especially with the pieces i am familiar with. I love having this back story, your reflection, that takes it to this new place that speaks specifically to your experience, but also speaks to such a broader scope of universal experiences. great stuff. as always.

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